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GEO Circle Lenses - Guide For novices

Contact Lenses


GEO Circle Lenses Or GEO Colored contact lenses is easily the most popular cosmetic lens brand on the market today that's made by a Korean-based company - GEO Medical Ltd.

GEO lenses are probably the leading brands inside the markets that exist in huge varieties of styles and colors.

On this page, we are going to explore all the various forms of cosmetic lenses that GEO purports to their consumers.

GEO Conventional soft contact lenses

These are prescription contact lenses that offer vision correction like those found in other brand lenses.

These people have a hue of blue or aqua for easily handling and not for color effect thus they're not considered cosmetic lenses, but rather vision correction contact lenses.

GEO Magic Circle Lenses series

GEO magic Circle Lenses are cosmetic lenses that come in colors of black, grey, or brown. They may be built to help make your eyes look bigger with no color effect. They have some patterns of black, brown or gray on the lenses, however the colorful patterns are usually invisible if you are using them. The diameter from the lenses is 14 mm.

GEO Magic Color Lenses series

GEO Magic color lenses are cosmetic colored lenses that exist in a variety of different patterns and shades.

You will find a variety of colors using this series like purple, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, gray, black, and brown.

GEO Magic color lenses are available in many different styles and combinations; they are made to boost the appearance of your eyes making use of their great deal of colors and pattern available. Different patterns can provide your vision a different look even though they will be the same color. They also have a teary, refreshing affect which will make your eyes look more alive.

GEO Trend lens series

GEO Trend lenses are designed with unique patterns or images about the lenses like hearts, stars, or butterflies. These types of lenses continue to be able to come with an enlarging impact on the eyes, plus if somebody looks in your eyes, they will see light designs of stars, hearts and butterflies included in swirls or different patterns. They can also give your eyes a tearful looking which makes them look more refreshed.

GEO Animation / festive lenses series (Crazy lens)

GEO Festive or Animation lenses are simply party lenses which are created for events like costume parties. They've bold colors and designs of happy faces, hearts, anime-looking designs, soccer balls and more to your eyes.

GEO Image color lenses

GEO Image color lenses really are a very new concept lens.

This lens are customized to get some message on the lens itself thus when someone look at it, they will be capable of seeing the message.

Besides message, you can also have characters or other images on the lens to improve your lifestyle making it fun for everyone using it

Circle Lenses

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:34)

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