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Circle Lenses - The newest Color Contact

korean circle lenses


Have you ever noticed girls with big dolly type eyes? Finally, the mystery behind those bright and colorful eyes is finally revealed. There's an extremely popular trend where girls are wearing color lenses called, "Circle Lenses," to create their eyes appear larger. Circle lenses, also known as "big-eye" lenses, are special contact lenses which have boomed in popularity especially among young teenage girls in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The real difference between these lenses and normal color lenses is that they are tinted with areas within the iris with the eye, but also possess a dark outer ring tinted outside the iris with the eye. This produces a larger iris, thus making the attention appear larger.

Although Circle lenses have already become the brand new trend in many of Asia, they're still a growing trend in The united states of their scarcity in shops and internet based. However, in the event you look for a while, it is possible to discover a few retailers online. The most used brand is as simple as Geo Medical Co., Inc. which matches CE 0434, ISO 13485 and KFDA safety standards.

It should be noted however that these lenses aren't for everybody. If you are see your face that is simply looking for any subtle color alteration of their eyes, maybe normal color lenses be more effective perfect for you. If you'd like bigger plus more colorful eyes, plus a little more attention within the crowd you are with, perhaps you should give Circle Lenses a try.

korean circle lens

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:51)

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