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Are Circle Lenses Safe?

Circle Lenses


Are circle lenses safe for the eyes? This is probably probably the most common questions asked before people order circle contacts online.

Circle lenses feel at ease for your eyes, but tend to be dangerous for your eyes as well, just like some other contact can. Unless you treat normal contacts correctly, you endanger the safety of one's eyes. Is generally to circle lenses as well and must be also treated just as carefully. If you take proper your circle lenses, not simply will they be safer to your eyes, but they may also go longer.

So how do you look after your lenses? Circle lenses has to be treated with great care because they're soft contact lenses. As a result them more fragile than hard contacts. The main benefit of soft lenses is they are often more comfortable and easily conform to the shape of the eye. To consider good care of your lenses, some precautions you might decide to use avoid any injury to your lenses and eyes are:

- Before making use of your lenses, store them in multi-purpose solution for approximately 2-4 hours.
- Always wash, rinse and dry hands before touching your lenses.
- Use fingertips to handle lens, stay away from finger nails or sharp objects, and keep your fingernails short.
- Never use tap water or saliva to wash your lenses or contact case.
- Should you remove your lenses out of your eye, you need to clean, rinse before disinfecting them since this can cause discomfort.
- Place your lenses in before using make-up.
- Replace your lenses on the interval specified.
- Usually do not wear contacts when swimming, sleeping, or doing every other activities that could get hold of your eyes.
- If your lenses feel uncomfortable, take them out. If your discomfort or irritation continues after lens removal, contact your eye doctor or optometrist immediately.
Please seek professional advice before using lenses.

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Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:38)

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