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Choosing Colored Contact Lenses: The Certified Guide

korean circle lens


Eyeglasses have grown to be a stylish accessory and phone lenses have followed suit too. Colored contacts are the craze today and most brands decide to make new and attractive colored lenses for consumers. Today, it's not hard to add some colorful lens making a change to how you look within seconds. But to find the right lens for yourself, you must know how and what to look for. Here's our guide to choosing the correct Colored contact lenses.

What To Remember While Picking a Colored Lens:

Colored lenses include and without power. In the event you wear spectacles for vision correction, looking for contacts with power is the ideal choice. Here's the pointers you will need to remember while purchasing a Colored lens:

Always Choose a Reputed Brand

The problem is related to your eyesight so never take it lightly. Always choose eyewear and lenses from a reputed brand only. Keep in mind that low quality lenses can permanently damage your eyes or cause disturbances in vision. Choose brands which can be highly reliable like Bausch & Lomb, Alcon etc. Never purchase poor or cheap colored lenses, they are harmful for your eyes.

Avoid Cosmetic Contacts whenever you can:

As much as you adore wearing those funky colored or cosmetic ones, it is best to prevent them. If cosmetic lenses appeal to you restrict wearing them on special events only. Wear these lenses after a while and never wear cosmetic ones continuously for a long time of time. These lenses can damage your eyes in the end and are mostly made with poor quality materials.

Cleanliness is Alongside Godliness:

A very common phrase in English but it's even more correct with regards to looking after soft contacts. As these lenses are worn within the eyes it's imperative to you can keep them and also dirt free. Both before and after wearing any colored or normal clear ones it must be cleaned with proper lens cleaning solution. Whether it's a regular wear, it must be disposed off after the afternoon. No dust or dirt particles should keep to the lens and also the lens container ought to be changed every Six months for best eye health.

Buy From Reputed Sellers:

Once you are amply trained with the method that you should select and care for your Colored contacts shop your contacts from your reputed seller only to avoid any unforseen problems. Search for websites that have good reputation and when ordering online pick a reputed and trusted seller.

Circle Lenses

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 06:01)

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Buying and taking advantage of Cosmetic Contact

Contact Lenses


People, celebrities or not are employing cosmetic contact lens to enhance the look of them so it's not necessarily surprising if you want to buy as well; but with a variety of models and brands of contact lenses being sold, you have to know how to choose the right lens for you to use.

How can you Purchase the Lenses You'll need?

Because the contact clients are really big nowadays, you ought to know there are sellers offering fake lenses. Often, they price their lenses really cheap so people could be lured into buying them. You need to avoid such sellers and look for sellers offering high quality lens. It's also advisable to try to look for great deals. There are numerous sellers offering great discounts for those who buy a lot more than two pairs.

Opt for if they should buy cosmetic contact lenses online or onsite. People often decide to buy onsite simply because they want to get the item as soon as possible however, a lot of online sellers offer more affordable contact lenses because they don't have plenty of overhead costs to take care of. And since they wish to be preferred than onsite, they'd often offer money saving deals. They likewise have more choices of designs and color.

Talking about designs and color, you should also consider selecting the best design and color for your usage. Many choose those doll-like lenses which make the pupil look bigger. Then there are those that prefer different colored lenses to alter their eye color. Others choose lenses with various images that will add special effect to the eyes.

In reality, the various choices available on the market works extremely well for most different occasions and situations.

Where Do you need Them?

During October, lots of people buy such lenses since they would often use them commercially their Halloween costume party. If you are partial to attending such parties as well as holding your own, you can choose cosmetic lenses that might satisfy your costume.

In case you are keen on cosplays, you may also decide to buy anime eyes lenses. There are lots of lenses you can choose from like sharingan contact from the famous anime, Naruto.

You can even use lenses to make movies. There are lenses for vampires, monsters, ghosts and other mythical characters imaginable to help make the character more realistic. In reality, movie actors often use them to get a more believable and realistic special effect.

Or, they are utilized just to enhance your over all beauty by changing along with of the eyes. With beautiful that has been enhanced eyes, you could be more confident about you.


Circle Lenses

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:58)

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Make positive changes to Look With Cosmetic Colored Contacts

Circle Lenses


Would you like to do something new along with your appearance without experiencing surgical procedures or spending a lot of cash? You might just like the take a look at cosmetic colored contacts then. It's really a non intrusive and relatively inexpensive way of switching your face without surgery or other painful and expensive procedures. Plus, it isn't permanent and also a smaller major change than coloring hair. If you want the sounds of the, read on.

About Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

The fabulous benefit of cosmetic colored contacts is that you do not require corrective lenses to wear them. They're Plano or zero power lenses so they really are only concerned with show not for correcting any vision problems. This sort of prescription free contact is becoming popular over time much simply as a result of movies and celebrities who take benefit of them. In years past, such lenses were expensive and also difficult to find. Today, however, they've become well-liked by the general masses and are easily obtainable and not completely outrageous expense wise.

If you prefer a natural look, there are numerous cosmetic colored contacts obtainable in colors like blue, brown, and green. You can even get a more unusual look with cosmetic color lenses and acquire violet or maybe more intense blues and greens as well as golds. These natural colors are fantastic for every day wear. What if you'd like something a bit more outlandish?

If you're planning on seeing a costume or Hallow's eve, or just think that doing something just a little wild and crazy, there's an variety of crazy contacts on the market which go above and beyond natural eye colors. These cosmetic colored contact lenses can turn you into a vampire, a werewolf, a sci-fi character, a wild cat, or any number of other characters. Additionally, there are vivid colors not found naturally like pinks and almost neon blues and greens. You can find patterns including spirals and spades as well.

It may be tempting to purchase a couple of cheap cosmetic colored contacts online to save money, particularly when it's to get a one-time event. But remember that these lenses go directly on your eye and may adversely affect them should they don't fit properly or maybe they're created from inferior products. Sometimes cheaper contact lenses, particularly those made overseas, are not as high quality and squeeze a person's eye or cause irritation in alternative methods, leading to discomfort but also much more serious problems if worn long-term. It is best to visit a watch doctor, set up lenses you would like usually are not corrective. Get fitted and acquire a prescription, then get your colored contact lenses for cosmetics from the reputable seller.

Circle Lens

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:54)

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Circle Lenses - The newest Color Contact

korean circle lenses


Have you ever noticed girls with big dolly type eyes? Finally, the mystery behind those bright and colorful eyes is finally revealed. There's an extremely popular trend where girls are wearing color lenses called, "Circle Lenses," to create their eyes appear larger. Circle lenses, also known as "big-eye" lenses, are special contact lenses which have boomed in popularity especially among young teenage girls in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The real difference between these lenses and normal color lenses is that they are tinted with areas within the iris with the eye, but also possess a dark outer ring tinted outside the iris with the eye. This produces a larger iris, thus making the attention appear larger.

Although Circle lenses have already become the brand new trend in many of Asia, they're still a growing trend in The united states of their scarcity in shops and internet based. However, in the event you look for a while, it is possible to discover a few retailers online. The most used brand is as simple as Geo Medical Co., Inc. which matches CE 0434, ISO 13485 and KFDA safety standards.

It should be noted however that these lenses aren't for everybody. If you are see your face that is simply looking for any subtle color alteration of their eyes, maybe normal color lenses be more effective perfect for you. If you'd like bigger plus more colorful eyes, plus a little more attention within the crowd you are with, perhaps you should give Circle Lenses a try.

korean circle lens

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:51)

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Circle Lenses vs Normal Color Contacts

Circle Lens


The main difference between circle lenses and normal color lenses is obviously the difference in the appearance created when worn. However, there are other differences also including variations in styles, colors, availability, price luxurious.

To begin with, the most apparent difference is circle lenses increase the risk for eyes appear larger, while normal color contacts usually do not. A straightforward explanation of why this takes place is really because circle lenses have a dark tinted ring surrounding the area outside of the iris, while typical color contacts do not. The additional dark tint produces the effect of a greater iris, thus making your eye area appear larger. Circle lenses are for those that want to make their eyes appear larger and more colorful, while color contacts are for individuals who only need a subtle color alternation in their eyes. There are numerous more designs customized for each eye type for circle lenses than there are for typical color contacts.

There are circle contact lenses which make the attention glow, create a subtle color change, make the eye look bolder, and even more. Normal color contacts however, usually only come in different variations of color blends. Circle lenses are often soft lenses, while typical color contacts could be soft or hard type lenses. You will find advantages and disadvantages of using soft lenses over hard lenses. Soft lenses tend to be much more comfortable (softer plus more flexible) since they adapt to the eyes more easily. However, they are more fragile than hard lenses, therefore should be treated with special care. Another difference between both of these kinds of lenses is usage periods. Circle contact lenses usually only include a twelve months usage cycle, while normal color contacts come in daily, monthly and yearly usage cycles.

Price-wise, circle lenses are less expensive than typical color contacts when compared over a day-to-day basis. Normal color contacts will surely cost an well over $150 to purchase for extended-wear (yearly) lenses, while a circle lens will simply cost inside the array of $30-$45 for any yearly lens. The past difference is in the availability of those two lenses. Normal color contacts are widely accessible. You can easily purchase normal color lenses both on the web and in stores anywhere you go. Circle lenses however, are extremely difficult to acquire in America. It really is difficult to find circle contact lenses available online from reputable sellers, and much more difficult to get them in retail stores. If you are planning to buy circle lenses online, make sure you are purchasing from authorized retailers of circle lenses rather than private sellers, because there are many fake low-quality circle lenses being imported from China.

Now that you know the among circle lenses and normal color lenses, you can choose which lens is right for you. In case you are only trying to find a subtle the color of eyes change, perhaps you should get normal color lenses. However, if you want your vision to look bigger plus more colorful, I recommend you obtain circle contacts.


Contact Lenses

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:45)

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Make-up With Your Circle Lens

korean circle lens


You bought your circle lens, but now what? How will you placed on makeup and accentuate your vision wearing circle lenses when you may ask. In this article, I will give you a few pointers on how you can put makeup which goes well with your circle lenses utilizing a simple makeup technique.

The kind of makeup that goes well with circle lenses primarily rely on what sort of lens you've got purchased. Along with can be a prime example of this. For a brighter colored lens, I like to neutralize the colour with more of the subtle eye shadow, or plain eyeliner. It will help balance the results with the lenses. If you got a new bigger diameter lens, your approach may be different altogether which ultimately is dependent upon which kind of style you need to portray.

One of the most basic procedures which go well with virtually all circle lenses is as simple as performing a typical smokey eye look. There are numerous types of smokey eye, and you might automatically think sultry eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, and tons of black liner about the waterline. But the thing will be the smokey eye is not only limited to a certain form of look, or color, or manner of the actual way it was executed. It may be very natural looking, or as dynamic as you want so that it is. For starters, a smokey eye look consists of three different colors for various purposes. The initial color is normally white or perhaps a cream; generally a shimmer texture is preferred using this method. This holds around the entire eye lid. Then, a matte brown eyeshadow goes on the creases to create more depth for the eyes. The next thing is to place a matte black eye shadow about the outer third from the lid to create the smoky effect. The main element tip to earning a beautiful smokey eye is to BLEND BLEND BLEND! A smokey eye will not be as fabulous with harsh lines that distract awareness of those creases. You definitely must figure out how to blend the shades in a way enabling you to see each individual color and at once, not notice it. With a fluffy brush, begin to blend until it gives that distinctive look. This might try taking a little practice, but make an effort to consider this as an art project in which you would color the photo, and add shadings with it. You basically want to blend the colours carefully. Then after all that, you might proceed with whatever winged liner you would like. You can create that it is as easy and nature, or as dramatic as you want it depending on your circle lens.

By using this technique, you can emphasize attention towards the eyes without overdoing your make up. The smokey eye could be a fun way to emphasize attention towards the eyes, and provide it another look. Having a good balance with makeup and circle lenses is an exciting approach to promote a different you.

Circle Lenses

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:42)

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Are Circle Lenses Safe?

Circle Lenses


Are circle lenses safe for the eyes? This is probably probably the most common questions asked before people order circle contacts online.

Circle lenses feel at ease for your eyes, but tend to be dangerous for your eyes as well, just like some other contact can. Unless you treat normal contacts correctly, you endanger the safety of one's eyes. Is generally to circle lenses as well and must be also treated just as carefully. If you take proper your circle lenses, not simply will they be safer to your eyes, but they may also go longer.

So how do you look after your lenses? Circle lenses has to be treated with great care because they're soft contact lenses. As a result them more fragile than hard contacts. The main benefit of soft lenses is they are often more comfortable and easily conform to the shape of the eye. To consider good care of your lenses, some precautions you might decide to use avoid any injury to your lenses and eyes are:

- Before making use of your lenses, store them in multi-purpose solution for approximately 2-4 hours.
- Always wash, rinse and dry hands before touching your lenses.
- Use fingertips to handle lens, stay away from finger nails or sharp objects, and keep your fingernails short.
- Never use tap water or saliva to wash your lenses or contact case.
- Should you remove your lenses out of your eye, you need to clean, rinse before disinfecting them since this can cause discomfort.
- Place your lenses in before using make-up.
- Replace your lenses on the interval specified.
- Usually do not wear contacts when swimming, sleeping, or doing every other activities that could get hold of your eyes.
- If your lenses feel uncomfortable, take them out. If your discomfort or irritation continues after lens removal, contact your eye doctor or optometrist immediately.
Please seek professional advice before using lenses.

Colored Contacts

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:38)

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GEO Circle Lenses - Guide For novices

Contact Lenses


GEO Circle Lenses Or GEO Colored contact lenses is easily the most popular cosmetic lens brand on the market today that's made by a Korean-based company - GEO Medical Ltd.

GEO lenses are probably the leading brands inside the markets that exist in huge varieties of styles and colors.

On this page, we are going to explore all the various forms of cosmetic lenses that GEO purports to their consumers.

GEO Conventional soft contact lenses

These are prescription contact lenses that offer vision correction like those found in other brand lenses.

These people have a hue of blue or aqua for easily handling and not for color effect thus they're not considered cosmetic lenses, but rather vision correction contact lenses.

GEO Magic Circle Lenses series

GEO magic Circle Lenses are cosmetic lenses that come in colors of black, grey, or brown. They may be built to help make your eyes look bigger with no color effect. They have some patterns of black, brown or gray on the lenses, however the colorful patterns are usually invisible if you are using them. The diameter from the lenses is 14 mm.

GEO Magic Color Lenses series

GEO Magic color lenses are cosmetic colored lenses that exist in a variety of different patterns and shades.

You will find a variety of colors using this series like purple, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, gray, black, and brown.

GEO Magic color lenses are available in many different styles and combinations; they are made to boost the appearance of your eyes making use of their great deal of colors and pattern available. Different patterns can provide your vision a different look even though they will be the same color. They also have a teary, refreshing affect which will make your eyes look more alive.

GEO Trend lens series

GEO Trend lenses are designed with unique patterns or images about the lenses like hearts, stars, or butterflies. These types of lenses continue to be able to come with an enlarging impact on the eyes, plus if somebody looks in your eyes, they will see light designs of stars, hearts and butterflies included in swirls or different patterns. They can also give your eyes a tearful looking which makes them look more refreshed.

GEO Animation / festive lenses series (Crazy lens)

GEO Festive or Animation lenses are simply party lenses which are created for events like costume parties. They've bold colors and designs of happy faces, hearts, anime-looking designs, soccer balls and more to your eyes.

GEO Image color lenses

GEO Image color lenses really are a very new concept lens.

This lens are customized to get some message on the lens itself thus when someone look at it, they will be capable of seeing the message.

Besides message, you can also have characters or other images on the lens to improve your lifestyle making it fun for everyone using it

Circle Lenses

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:34)

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Some great benefits of Contacts

Circle Lenses


The lens: a long time ago, it absolutely was a whopping, cumbersome lens of glass made to be shoved to the eye. It scratched the cornea, caused headaches, frequently broke, and was vulnerable to falling out.

Technology has come a long way, however, and these days you will find all manner of contacts, all made for different purposes plus much more convenient than their cumbersome forebears.

Among a number of other benefits, contact lenses provide sharp definition and vivid colors, which glasses sometimes simply cannot mimic. Glasses get smudged, they get cracked, and they get broken. They leave red indentations around the sides from the nose and so they gather dust in a way that seems to defy gravity. The contact, alternatively, is only prone to getting dry, but a drop or two of saline may take care of that. Moreover, where once upon a time an individual needed to maintain a pair until their prescription changed with the way glass lenses were created and because these were so expensive, now there are disposable, soft lenses. Furthermore, there's a vast array of cheap contact lenses, which makes them easily replaceable and highly affordable.

There is also the situation of colored contacts. Unlike glasses, these provide a person the chance to change his / her the color of eyes, which is something many people appreciate. Brown, amber, grey, light blue, dark blue, light green, green, purple, violet, almost every color within the spectrum can be obtained.

Because of this, even those who have 20/20 vision sometimes choose cosmetic contact lenses. These may take the form of a colored lens or they may be cosmetic contacts. Frequently, novelty and color lenses usually are not symbolic of cheap lenses, but they are not incredibly expensive. Needless to say, it truly is dependent upon what style one wants.

Anyway, a novelty lens could mean a lot of things. They could be cat's eye lenses, or they might examine snake eyes. You can find white contacts, black ones, and red ones; some have spiral designs and then any variety of other symbols. The adventurous person might wear these each day; others might use them for costume parties or Halloween festivities.

Back to cosmetic lenses, they offer people the chance to change their look from day to day. If an individual so desires, their the color of eyes could match their outfit everyday. Just because a lot of people frequently wish that they an eye color different from whatever they were born with, there is a large industry for these kind of lenses. Novelty lenses are only as common in certain scenes and cultures. For certain, however, a person who actually needs contacts to see should probably steer clear of the novelty ones. Some of them are so opaque that it is impossible to determine out of them. Exactly the same can't be said for colored lenses, that are just as translucent as clear ones.

Circle Lens

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:30)

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Korean Circle Lenses

korean circle lenses

Shop 500+ Big Eye Circle Lenses and Cosmetic Color Lenses. Free delivery Worldwide with No prescription needed. Buy Authorised Circle Lenses.

What's of circle lenses? Actually they're same as big his full attention lenses. They are going to enlarge your iris therefore making you look like a Barbie doll. These products are invented in South Korea and some people have named them as Korean Circle Lens. Lately, they've got become well-known for the worldwide.

Circle lenses can be found in different diameter, which range from 14-16mm that is 2mm or more than our normal iris diameter. They will cover up more about our iris which can make our iris look bigger. They have also different form of colors and designs which will alter the colour of our iris. Some circle lenses will be in pink, green violet, brown, blue, grey, hazel and black. They range from natural colors to effects lens.

These lenses are extremely famous among Asian teenagers and young adults because they are the trendsetters for fashion. Circle contacts are thought as fashion accessories instead of medical devices. They've created a Barbie doll search for you and cause you to be noticeable among crowds. They've gained the buzz in Asian forums and blog as much local and international celebrities ask them to on to appear to be a Japanese anime characters.

Currently, these types of circle lenses are not yet bought from western. They could be bought through on the internet and buy them ship to your door step just a few clicks online. Before you decide to rush onto obtain a set of circle contact lens online, please reference your qualifies optometrist or any other eye care specialist to get your prescription, then resolve get the suitable corrective power for your eyes. Girls out there, there won't be any excuse for you to be not pretty anymore!

korean circle lens

Post by circlelens436 (2016-07-24 05:27)

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